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About Us


Our story starts with the rise of AI.

2023 – We first started our work

The world stage is changing, and hundreds of millions of jobs are facing massive disruption or elimination. Corporate profits have long been put above the good of the average person, and we fear that lawmakers will fail to fund new training and establish laws that will stop AI from being misused.

Anti AI Coalition LLC aims to bring attention to the disruption AI poses to the workforce and the average citizen. Jobs will be created by AI, but will they:

  • Replace 300 million lost jobs?
  • Pay a living wage?
  • Offer creative positions that don’t rely on AI?
  • Spread even more misinformation and distrust?


Spread awareness to the risks that AI presents
together we can make a difference

Do you commit to hiring humans? Are you concerned about the future of the workforce as AI disrupts industries worldwide?

Want to make a difference?

Help us continue our fight to get lawmakers to listen to real concerns.

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